Just recently, a video surfaced online showing two young security personnel dancing and happily carrying out their duties in Chicken Republic in Aba, Abia State. A customer posted the video online and it went viral.

While a lot of people see it as a beautiful act of entertainment and also a way of relieving stress while working, the employer did not see it likewise. They saw it as unprofessional and an act of misconduct, thereby relieving them of their job duties. According to the source, they were sacked without warning or query.

This has gotten so many talking and airing their reactions. Some people do actually see it as misconduct stating that if the eatery needed dancers to entertain their customers, they would hire some for that purpose.

The story does not end there. It turns out that the discharged security personnel have not been paid their salaries despite working for a full month. Another video has surfaced online showing the young men expressing how they feel about the situation. They say they thought they were doing the organization a favor by dancing and entertaining their customers.

Watch the video below:

See people’s reactions below:

“Can’t believe they got sacked for this.

“The dance sweet pass their rice😝

“They lost their jobs because of this so sad 😒

“After smiling to this and now knowing that they were sacked for this😒

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