There is no doubt that a lot of talented people or geniuses are still yet to be discovered in Africa.

In a video posted today by Instablog9ja, a man is seen to operate a transformer he constructed himself.

In the video, the man is asked if he attended any school where he was thought this skill and he said no. This means he never had any formal education. This is raw talent.

The video has gathered a lot of comments from people with different opinions. Someone in the comments said “All I see is another talent leaving this country”

Some people mentioned how Aba is so underrated and how talented people are being neglected, leaving them for countries that are ready to harness raw talents and nurture them for the betterment of humanity.

See people’s comments below:




“All i see is Another talent leaving this country


“People likke these ought to be recruited sent for training a nd brought back for innovation but nooooo they send there health in a private jet to a foreign hospital and come back to say they would make Nigeria great . Nigeria can never be when the ones who want to lead are living on life support thats why the whites are smarter than us in innovation.


“Another country will buy the guy sharp sharp


“we get talents for this country. Finland or other western country will soon take him away

View the post below:

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