Reno Omokri, a Nigerian lawyer, author and human rights activist has taken to his social media handle to attack Nigerians who are wailing and praying for Ukraine. His reasons being that Nigerians do not care about fellow black Africans like the way they are taking the Europeans. He stated that Ethiopia and Tigray have lost far more people than Ukraine in their crisis but nobody even noticed. It was hardly in the news as people didn’t talk about it. But now that the Europeans are fighting each other, Nigerians have all turned prayer warriors.

He said:

Ethiopia and Tigray have been at war. Over 100 times the number of people killed in Ukriane have died in that war. How many Black Africans started pray for Ethiopia? How many even noticed? But now Europeans are fighting each other, you have turned prayer warrior.

-Reno Omokri

View his post below:

He has received a lot of responses on his comment section.

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“Where is the lie ?? May God help us


“I no Dey support this man but on this I support him


“This is deep, he’s saying the truth but if you think otherwise you’re also right😤


“Let’s start from what happened in Edo state….Ethiopia still far sef, Edo is in our door front and nobody is praying for them…Na Ukraine wey know the solution to their problem wey una wan pray for 😒😒


“I personally don’t know anyone who lives in Ethopia. I have friends and family who live in Ukraine😢😢😢😢

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