In a video posted recently on Instablo9ja, a lady saw 18 birds on the roof of their apartment in the U.S and started praying seriously. Although not very certain of what kind of birds they were, they looked like ravens. They all lined up comfortable on the roof top. The lady whose voice could be heard clearly in the video was praying against the spirit of death in her family or around her.

Surprisingly, the birds started flying away one after the other as she kept on praying. It looked like something in a movie scene. It was as if the birds were listening to the prayers. They flew away one after the other until the very last one left before she stopped praying.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions from people online. Some are saying it’s a spiritual attack while others say it’s just nature as the birds were peacefully relaxing. Someone made it clear that she believes it’s a spiritual thing as the birds seemed to fly away as a result of her prayers.

See people’s comments below:


“She might have had a revelation prior to this. It’s very good to be prayerful.
The world is actually more spiritual than you think.


“Birds wey just dey enjoy themselves, e reach your turn, you turn am to spiritual warfareπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


“Hmm, it depends on what she perceived in her spirit. If praying will bring her relief that’s fine


“The world is 100% spiritual and I support her 100% for this. There are so many things that are unseen to the human eyes. Whether or not the birds were there for evil, prevention they say is better than cure.


“Its the way they flew off one after the other for me πŸ˜‚, y’all better not take prayers for granted

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